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ERP for Malaysia SMEs

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50+ companies run our ERP to grow their businesses.

Powerful ERP Suite for Every Type of Business.

Digital Transformation With MRP Suite

Improve Your Manufacturing Business With Modern Cloud Technology

Higher Staff Efficiency
Process Speed
Boost Interdepartmental 
Communication & Collaboration

Automated order flow & easy info sharing between departments, enable staffs to work closely as one team

Time Saved
Automate Manual Routines 
& Minimize Data Entry

Repetitive & tedious tasks that have lower value can now be done in seconds; Redundant data collection & entry reduced

Less Dependency On Human
& Easier Transition

With data & knowledge in the system, the operation is easier & less error-prone; Grow with future staffs take over easily.

Higher Productivity & Reliability
Lead Time
Lower Lead Time For 
Production & Supply Chain

MRP eliminates unnecessary wait time between processes with synchronization between teams; Tight workflow for everyone with proper traceability optimizes lead time

On Time Delivery
Accurate Delivery Forecast 
Good Planning & Traceability

With good scheduling tool, you can "promise" dates confidently. With complete visibility, you can manage progress, solve issues and replan/reprioritize to deliver on time.

Yield Rate
Gain Higher Production Outputs
With Optimized Efficiency

With good planning & management, the downtime & delay is reduced with less waiting & breakdown and all the capacity & resource can be utilized to full

Higher Margin & Profit
Inventory Bloat
Cut Cost By Reducing 
Unnecessary Inventory Buffers

Maintain low inventory buffer with real time accurate inventory tracking for all storage - material, WIP, finished goods & tools; More saving with better planning of bulk purchase

Wastes & Scraps
Cut Down Wastage & Scraps 
With Better Quality Control

Minimize error (wastage) with good planning, reduce scrap with quality checks throughout supply chain; fix quality issues quickly with supplier-to-customer visibility

Overall Cost
Control Cost & Bid Strategically 
Real Accurate MRP Costing

Track & control costing proactively as an easy routine with accurate & up-to-date dynamic costing for confident business decisions and pin down areas for cost improvement



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